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iPhone 11 with iOS 13 and Black Theme

iPhone 11 img Leaks
Img source : PhoneArena.com

iPhone 11 is coming soon with IOS 13 and Black Theme so Read this article and see all Leaked images of iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 with iOS 13 and Black Theme shown on High Quality Leaked images

Manufacturers are aware of the potential of the “Dark Side” and implement a black theme in their devices. It is good for eyes and for OLED screens. Well, and then it save Battery. Recently, images Leaked of iPhone 11 with iOS 13 and a black theme.

Img source : PhoneArena.com

The creators of these renderers admit that while maintaining a common color identity, they slightly changed the design of the familiar icons so that they fit well with the dark design and looks amazing. What Apple will do in this case is not yet known, but we know for sure that the black theme in iOS 13 after MacOS Mojave will be. So let's see what Apple do.

Img source : PhoneArena.com

In addition to the black theme on the renderers, we see an iPhone 11 with three main cameras. It is rumored that in the new models the modules will be horizontal, but the authors of these images left it in place. By the way, we see the flash in iPhone 11 is built into the frame of the camera itself. Quiet amazing right (its glow is visible on some Images). Comment below your thoughts about this amazing flash placement in iPhone 11.

Img source : PhoneArena.com

We think that Apple can either reduce the size of the cutout in the following iPhone models, or completely get rid of it. iPhones will either get a camera in the hole of the screen, or a camera under the display. However, these renders used a conservative approach - a good old cut-out in place. In the end, Apple has always gone its own way, not focusing on existing trends.

Img source : PhoneArena.com

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