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100-watt charging now supportable for Samsung smartphones

The company's new controllers provide high power and reliable overload protection. Samsung smartphones will start supporting 100-watt charging

100-watt charging Samsung
100-watt charging

The company Samsung has announced the launch of two new controllers, USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD ). New PD-controllers MM101 and SE8A support to power up to 100-watts.

Now the fastest charging is implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone, which supports only 25-Watt, so the new controllers have received a significant improvement.

Samsung noted that their new controllers can be used in a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and monitors. The production of the SE8A controller has already begun. 

Both chips are equipped with overvoltage protection. New chips comply with the latest specification of USB-PD 3.0, which provides efficient charging devices.

They also have built-in flash memory, which allows manufacturers to update software without having to change these components.

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