Samsung found a way to fix Galaxy Fold screen flaws

Samsung found a way to fix Galaxy Fold screen flaws
Samsung found a way to fix Galaxy Fold screen flaws 

It seems that the company is ready to soon announce the start of sales of the foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Samsung came up with a decision on how to make a screen protective film so that it cannot be unstuck. Also, the company was able to remove the gaps between the display and the film in the fold, where the first users got dust and other small debris. This was told by the Korean edition of Yonhap News, citing its sources.

Now Samsung is testing in closed mode a new design of the folding Galaxy Fold in Korea. New terms of the appearance of the smartphone on sale depend on this. Yonhap News says that roughly the start of sales may take place in June.

In the past, Samsung was forced to cancel the start of Galaxy Fold sales due to display problems. The first journalists and bloggers who got the smartphone to test noticed that the folding screen stops working half or all.

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It turned out that some testers were trying to peel off the protective film, which was part of the screen and slightly moved away from the case. But for some, the screen broke on its own. The fact is that Samsung's flexible display is not covered with glass, but with a special polymer material that looks like an ordinary protective film for a smartphone. Therefore, companies need to do so that users do not have the desire to unstick the film.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to be on sale in the US on April 26, the price - $ 1980 or about 130 thousand rubles at the rate. And in India, sales were scheduled for the second half of 2019, but now the dates can move even further.

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