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Apple is again the leader in Named the most problematic smartphones

most problematic smartphones
most problematic smartphones

Over the past year, Chinese smartphones have begun to repair more. However, most of all service employees have to service Apple smartphones.

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The service centre "Miracle of Technology" studied which gadgets are most often rented for repair and for what reason. According to the study, in Moscow, one-third of the smartphones being repaired were Apple devices (33%), Samsung devices behind them   (18%), and Xiaomi  (12%) took the third place in the frequency of repairs

The authors of the study noted that over the last year there was an increase in the share of Chinese brands in repair (27% versus 17%  last year ), especially Xiaomi and Huawei.

The most common reason for contacting Apple device owners to the service centre was the battery. In general, Apple has it turned out to be the weakest point - the percentage of calls for replacing this element is much higher than that of other manufacturers.

The most repaired Apple smartphones in Moscow are the iPhone 6, 5S, 5, 6S. Among the Samsung - A5, S3, A3. That is, these are lines of devices released 5-7 years ago and, apparently, the most common among citizens.
Olesya Kuzmina
Project Manager "Miracle of Technology"

But Apple devices turned out to be the cheapest to repair, with an estimate of its value relative to the price of a smartphone - only 13%.

What is surprising, the most expensive repairs are waiting for owners of Xiaomi smartphones. It costs about a third of the cost of a new device. Samsung owner can give up to 25% of the cost of a new gadget.

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