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iPhone 6S is now the most affordable phone from Apple

iPhone 6S is now the most affordable
iPhone 6S

iPhone 6 and SE are slowly - slowly disappearing from the sale, therefore the iPhone 6S becoming the main budget smartphone. experts examined the market and found that from the start of sales, the iPhone 6S is fallen in price more than two times.

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Together with the new iOS 13, Apple said goodbye to the old iPhone 6 and 5S. they are no longer supported by Apple. So the last cheap smartphone in the line that makes sense to buy is iPhone 6S. In addition, over time, the 32GB model has fallen in price from 48 thousand more than doubled, the lowest prices are available in the catalogue, and below is the Amazon link.

Apple iPhone 6S (Gold, 32GB)

Rs 29,799

Apple introduced the iPhone 6S in 2015, but the smartphone still receives updates and will be supported for at least another year. Despite the "age", the smartphone is still fast and secure, it is more stable than some of the budget competitors on Android. Therefore, now the iPhone 6S can be considered as a rational purchase.

Alternatives for iPhone 6S

If you can pay some more, then it's better to buy a more modern iPhone 7 with protection from water and good camera

Apple iPhone 7 (128GB) - Black

Rs 49,900


If you don't love Apple devices, here is a good option from Xiaomi - the Pocopfone F1 still has Amazing features:

Poco F1 (Rosso Red, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

Rs 21,499


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