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Mobile Companies Market Share in India - 2019 | Xiaomi Lead with 28% Market Share

Mobile Companies Market Share in India

Mobile Companies Market Share in India

Here is the updated list of mobile companies market share in India 2019 and Xiaomi is still leading company with the market share of 28%.

Top 5 Mobile Companies in India 2019: 

  1. Xiaomi – 28% Market Share
  2. Samsung – 25% Market Share
  3. Vivo – 11% Market Share
  4. Realme – 9% Market Share
  5. Oppo – 8% Market Share
  6. Others (Apple, LG, Huawei, Asus, Google, Lenovo, Motorola, etc) – 19% Market Share
Counterpoint Research shows us Xiaomi is the number one mobile company in India with the biggest market share and it's still counting. Samsung is not far away from Xiaomi, Samsung is the second-highest Share carried company in India with 25% Market Share.
Vivo and Realme (Sub-brand of Oppo) have 11% and 9% share. Followed by Oppo, Witch has 8% market share.

Other Companies including Apple, Google, Asus, Motorola, Lenovo, LG individually have less than 3% market share and total market share of other brands in India is 19%.

Realme Rocks:

Realme is the new player in the mobile industry but is growing very fast in the Indian market.
In July 2019 Realme shared they have shipped over 8 million+ mobiles in less than 1-year period and sold 1 Million+ Realme C2 mobiles.

Below is the detailed pie chart of Companies Name and there Market Share in India.
Mobile Companies Market Share in India 2019
Xiaomi Lead with 28% Market Share

Biggest Mobile Brands in India

  1. Xiaomi:- The affordable Xiaomi Redmi 7 and 6A sold more than 2 million units is a growth driver. In the Last quarter, there is Redmi Note 7s, POCO F1 and the Redmi 7 Series which is fueling the growth of the brand in India.
  2. Samsung:- Samsung has models in India like the Galaxy M30, Galaxy M20, Galaxy M10, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50 which are selling well in the entry and mid-range segment. While Galaxy Note 9 and the S10e/S10/ S10 Plus are top sellers in the higher segment in India.
  3. Vivo:- Vivo Company models like Vivo V11, Vivo V11 Pro, Vivo V15, Vivo V15 Pro, Vivo Y83, Vivo Y83 Pro are Offering strong in the mid-range market.
  4. Realme:- Realme is the fastest-growing company in India and now has a higher share than Oppo. The top seller's models are Realme 3, Realme 3 Pro, Realme C2 and the latest Realme X.
  5. Oppo:- report says that Oppo has 8% market share and lags behind Realme. The top seller's Models are Oppo F11 Pro, Oppo F11, Oppo F9, Oppo F9 Pro, Oppo A3s and in addition to the Realme 3, Realme 3 Pro and the RealMe 2 Pro.

Indian Mobile Market Facts

  • Over 60% market share is captured by Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme and Oppo which are expanding there presence online and offline.
  • 33% of phones sold are in 11,000 rupees to 18,000 rupees price range and is the fastest-growing price segment.
  • India is the second-largest mobile market in the World, ahead of the united states with over 400 million smartphone users.
  • The Indian mobile market is growing rapidly.

Mobile Market Share Trend of 2019-Q1 to 2019-Q2

Mobile Market Share Trend of 2019-Q1 to 2019-Q2
  • Xiaomi: Xiaomi is leading in Q1-Q2 of 2019 and report says Xiaomi is definitely going to lead Q3-Q4 of 2019. in Q1 of 2019 29% of market share and in Q2 of 2019 Xioami has dipped by 1%.
  • Samsung: Q1-Q2 of 2019 Samsung is preformed well. In Q1 Samsung is captured 23% of Indian Market and in Q2 Samsung has gained 2% and scored 25%. Thanks to M series and A series.
  • Vivo: Vivo started Q1 of 2019 with a market share of 12% but in Q2 Vivo is dropped by 1% and Scored 11% Market Share.
  • Realme: realme is performing very good by Q1 realme Captured 7% Market and in Q2 realme has jumped 2% and scored in Q2 9%.
  • Oppo: In 2019 Q1 Oppo has 7% of market share and in Q2 Oppo has gained 1% and captured 8% of market share in India.

Mobile Market Share Trend of 2018-Q3 to 2018-Q4

Mobile Market Share Trend of 2018-Q3 to 2018-Q4
  • Xiaomi: In 2018 (Q3-Q4) Xiaomi leaded with 27% of market share
  • Samsung: Samsung performed very bad in 2018 Q3 and Q4 by dropping there share 3%.
  • Vivo: vivo got no extra market share in Q3-Q4 of 2018. Company market share is 10% in Q3-Q4 2018.
  • Oppo: Q3 market share is 8% and Q4 market share is 7%. Oppo dropped by 1% 
  • Realme: Realme started with a market share 2018 Q3 is 3% and Realme has gained 5% more market share in Q4.

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